Objective of the Organization


  • 1 To work for the upliftment of the marginalized and down trodden people of India
  • 2 To conserve the existing natural resources and improve the environment through sustainable management of neutral resources
  • 3 To remove the social discrimination of people on the basis of gender, race, caste and religion
  • 4 To improve the economic condition particularly woman and downtrodden youth through vocational training and other livelihood activities
  • 5 To conduct Schools colleges training centers and other institutions particularly for the physically challenged people
  • 6 To Improve the Nature resources of the earth
  • 7 To Improve the human right condition of the Indian people especially women Children and down trodden
  • 8 To improve the health condition of the people through water and sanitation programmes and conservation of bio diversity .Prevention of pollution and illegal patenting by companies
  • 9 To preserve the art and culture and peaceful coexistence and patriotism among Indian people
  • 10 To form alliances net works and to make publications and other dissemination materials in furtherance a bow objectives

    To attain our objective of providing clean potable drinking water and basic sanitation facilities, the strategy we’ve chosen is the schools and its children. Based on this, we’ve chosen the villages in Kurinchipadi and Bhuvanagiri blocks of Cuddalore district. Since 2010, we’ve constructed a total of xxxx eco san toilets in xx schools covering xx villages. Also, we’ve made proper provision of water facilities in the schools and villages. The reason why we’ve chosen this strategy is, the children are the tools to spread the awareness in the community. Moreover, today’s children are tomorrow’s development of the nation.


    Our another key objective is to make the farmers to have a sustainable agriculture by preserving the richness of the soil where the crops & vegetables are cultivated. To make them use the organic fertilizers from the natural resources, we educate them on the compost which we can produce from the human defecates at a very low cost. For this we have chosen around 8 acres of land in a village where the cultivation and farming is done only through natural resources nearly for 6 years in Cuddalore district.

    Even the water for irrigation is obtained from the nature only that is “Rain”. No bore well is used for these lands. Because of natural fertilizers inducted in the farming of crops & vegetables, the yielding has no toxic contents in it.

    With Annamalai University Research Department, the research has been done on the yields of crops & vegetables of these specific lands. We have seen a very good result on the quality and existence of natural benefits free from any toxic contents.

    To produce natural compost from human defecates, we have our own yard and the process is done there by collecting the required resource from various schools & villages where we have implemented the Eco San toilets and urinals.

Our Vision

Social Transformation through sustainable Water and Environmental Sanitation and where each individual will live with clean water, safe environment and education leading a healthy and harmonious life

  • Provide safe drinking water to the community
  • School sanitation
  • Ecological sanitation individual Household toilets in our area
  • Ecological sanitation Community level DEWATS
  • Ecological sanitation semi permanent toilet for urban community toilet
  • Sustainable agricultural
  • Disaster response

Legal Status

190/2009 Reg. No.
Registered under Tamilnadu Society
Registration Act – 1978


  • World toilet day
  • World toilet Day
  • World Hand washing day
  • Our Donor
  • Future plan

Even though since the past decades, we’ve seen many economic & social developments in many Indian villages, still some villages are lacking in some basic needs like potable drinking water and proper toilets for defecates. Hence, we formed our society in the year xxxx with many objectives in which our key objective is to provide safe potable drinking water and proper toilet facilities for the village people in several areas.

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